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General Engine Information
Author : Matt York
Published : Sometime in 1998
Last Modified : 09/12/2002
The 3rd Generation Maxima came with two 3.0L engines:

(1989-1994 GXE models, 1989-1991 SE models)
160hp @ 5200 rpm
182lb/ft @ 3200 rpm
Redline: ? rpm

1992-1994 SE models
190hp @ 5600 rpm
190lb/ft @ 4000 rpm
Redline: 6500 rpm

Variable Intake Runner Length
There are two sets of intake runners. They are selected by a vacuum switch connected to a valve in the intake plenum.

In this picture you can see the intake runners. The bottom runners are for the rear bank of cylinders and the top runners are for the front bank.

Crank Angle Sensor
The VE30DE has no distributor, you can advance the timing by loosening the crank angle sensor and rotating it slightly.

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