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Jim Wolf Technology Intake
Author : Matt York
Published : Sometime in 1998
Last Modified : 09/12/2002
Produced by:
Jim Wolf Technology, Inc.
212 Millar Ave
El Cajon, CA 92020
(619) 442-0680

Installed on:
1992 Maxima SE

I chose the JWT intake because it came with a velocity stack, like the Stillen unit, but it was $40 less. As far as I can tell the only difference is that the JWT does not come with an official K&N air filter. Instead it comes with a filter that looks exaclty the same, but has no company logo on it.

Installation was easy even though the instructions were rather vague. The only difficulties I had were:
1. Removing the stock air box was a pain.
2. The included mounting bracket had to be bent to make it fit.

I noticed a siginificant increase in high-end power, and a small decrease in low-end power. The car is also quite a bit louder at WOT, but at "normal" RPMs the volume increase is not very noticible.

The only problem I have had is a small whistle when I step on the gas. I suspect that this is from a small intake leak, but I am too lazy to hunt it down.


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