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How to Contribute
All content on this website is generated by the 3rd Generation Maxima community. If you would like to contribute an article please read the following four easy steps. If you would like to suggest changes/updates to an existing article please contact that article's publisher or articles@4dsc.com.

In the following instructions we'll assume we are writing an article about fuzzy dice.

1. Content
We recommend that you write your article in a text editor such as MS Word so that you can concentrate on the content and validate your spelling and grammar. If you do decide to use MS Word DO NOT use its "save to HTML" function to create your html document because Word creates poor html code and we do not want to have to rewrite your files after we receive them.

2. Directory Structure
Download article.zip and unzip it. This file will create a directory named article that contains an images directory and a file named article.shtml. Rename the article directory something relevant to your article, in our example fuzzy_dice. And rename article.shtml to the directory name followed by ".shtml", in our example fuzzy_dice.shtml.

3. Html Pages
Open fuzzy_dice.shtml and edit the following fields:
(Section) : The Section your article will live in (Drivetrain, Suspension, Exterior, or Interior).
(Article Title) : The title of your article.
(Title Image) : The name of the image to be displayed in the article title bar.
(Author Name) : Your name.
(Author Email) : Your email.
(Date Published) : Today's date.
(Date Last Modified) : Today's date.

Replace the (Article Text) field with your html content obeying the following rules:
a. Use relative links (image/image.zip) for all image links.
b. Do not use any font tags or style sheets.

If your article contains multiple pages just use fuzzy_dice.shtml as the template and give each .shtml file a unique name.

4. Send Us the Files
Zip up the fuzzy_dice directory and email it to articles@4dsc.com, be sure to let us know where in the site you would like your article to be placed (category/sub-category). We will review your contribution and most likely put it on the site.

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