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Removing the Dash Cover
Author : Matt Blehm
Published : 09/26/2002
Last Modified : 09/26/2002
1. remove dash cover around stereo. (which involves removing the shifter cover too. you can do it without, but it's easier if you do. if you've got a 5 spd, don't worry about it and just work around.

2. remove the switch panel around the steering wheel. there are 4 screws on the bottom of it, then it "hinges" up on tabs across the top. You gotta bend it slightly to get it around the steering column, but it comes out without damaging anything. remember to unhook all the wires from the switches before trying to yank it out. :)

3. now unscrew all the black screws around the dash cover. there are a couple above and below the gauge cluster, then a couple more around the A/C controls (thus the reason you had to remove the stereo trim cover).. there may be a couple screws that I forgot, but just look around the edges of the whole thing and you'll find them. you'll have a decent sized pile of black screws by now. that's fine. Just don't lose any. :) you'll have to twist and bend and pull to get this out from around the steering wheel also, but just go slowly and you'll figure it out without a problem. again, remember to disconnect the wires before yanking. :)

4. now you've got the dash cover out.. the clock is held to it with 2 screws. remove those, and you're done with the hard part.

5. fix the clock, then do everything above in reverse order.

6. to fix the clock.. pop the cover and re-solder ALL connections and replace the electrolytic capacitors on the board. I think there's 3 or 4. I forget now.

I think that's about it.. have fun!

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