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Removing the Rear Deck
Author : Matt Blehm
Published : 09/26/2002
Last Modified : 09/26/2002
You'll need to pull the rest seat out, and the back dash cover. Neither are hard, but you gotta know where the screws are.

Seat: there are bolts at the bottom edge of each corner, and two more bolts behind the armrest. pull the armrest down, and you'll see two plastic covers in the back trim piece. pull those off and you'll see the bolts. remove those.
Now remove the ones in the bottom corners of the seat. If you can't get to them by squishing down the bottom half of the seat, just remove it too. there are 2 or 3 "tabs" across the front lip of the seat.. just reach around down there until you find them.. there's one about the middle and a foot from either end of the seat.. they'll be VERY hard to pull out the first time, but they do come out. just jerk it straight up and pull it out. I've seen some people stick a long screwdriver under the seat and pry it up right next to the tabs, but if you do that be VERY careful not to damage any wiring. The wires for the fuel pump run underneath the back seat. They'll be in a bright blue wrap I believe.. just be careful not to damage them..

Once you've got the 4 bolts removed from the rear seat, there are 3 more tabs along the top edge of the seat- just like the front lip of the bottom section. remove those, and the seat will be ready to come out. Just slide the seat belts out of the way.

To get the rear deck off, you have to remove the brake light- not a problem. give the phillips head screw- tabs a 1/8-turn and they'll pull right out.. once the thing is off, you may or may not have to unscrew the bracket from the car- been so long I don't remember. either way, it's easy. no big deal.

Now just pop up the rear deck by hand.. there are about 8-10 little press-fit tabs on it in various places.. just stick your hand under it and you'll feel them pop up.
Once the rear deck is out, you'll see how to remove the speakers- just a few screws and you're done!

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