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Putting Mustang Wheels on your Maxima
Author : Jason Rose
Published :
Last Modified : October 1, 2002
96-97 COBRA 17X8 Diamond cut alloy with clear coat, painted inners. No emblem or lettering in center. NOT chrome!
96 GT 17X8 Painted alloy with clearcoat. Horse in center.
94-95 GT 17X8 Painted with clearcoat. This guy has chrome caps for some reason, but they came originally silver paint. Horse in center.
97-98 GT 17X8 Diamond cut polished with clearcoat. Horse in center.
94-95 COBRA 17X8 Diamond cut with clear coat. Notice that they are entirely the same alloy color, not painted inners like the 96-97 COBRA rims. No center emblem or lettering.
99-00 GT 17X8 Painted with clearcoat. Horse in center.
99 GT 35th ANIVERSARY 17X8 Same as a 99-00 GT wheel, but is diamond cut polished with clearcoat. Horse in center.
2001 option GT 17X8 Special retro look wheel, 1970s. Very popular with Stangs. Center cap has a horse.
99 COBRA 17X8 Painted with clearcoat. Same wheel for 2001 COBRA as well. Center cap says "SVT"
98 COBRA 17X8 Painted with clear coat. center cap says "SVT"
INFO: All 1994-2001 stock Stang rims are the same offset (30mm-32mm), rim width(17X8), bolt pattern(5X114.3mm), and hub BORE. You will not have a mounting problem or clearance problem. Tire brands may vary according to your preference, but one thing is a FACT. According to ME and Jeff92SE of the 3rdGen BBS, a 235/45/17 is the right size tire for the lowered 3rd Gen MAXIMA. The 235/45/17 will let you be a bit more aggressive driver, and be a bit more responsive. An upgrade to a 245/45/17 is possible and stock equipment for a 94-2001 Mustang wheel.
The original circumference of the stock 205/65/15 found on 3rd Gen MAXIMA is closer to the 235/45/17 size. A 245/45/17 has the possibility of rubbing the the fenders of the MAXIMA during hard cornering; for all you drivers in a hurry.
I personally have a 245/45/17 with an EIBACH prokit spring, TOKICO blues, (4 years old) and stock original suspension otherwise. I have not rubbed a fender or anything else in my spirited driving. My car has been loaded with 4 people and that made the side wall touch the rear inner fender flare ever so lightly on a few dips that I forgot to dodge.
Again, a 235/45/17 will solve any rubbing problems. Remember a 5.0 magazine or a Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords will have all of these wheels available in brand new condition. Also WWW.CORRAL.NET and WWW.MUSTANGWORLD.COM will have these wheels used.
New wheels can be had for $750-850 in "diamond cut clearcoat" or "painted clear coat". New chrome wheels top out at about $1000. Used wheels can be had for $350-$600 with used tires. These rims are fairly light for a 17X8, and will definately increase your cornering ability, not to mention the overall look of your vehicle. ENJOY

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