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This site contains a user generated collection of DIY articles for the 3rd Generation (1989-1994) Nissan Maxima.

General information about the 3rd Generation Maxima.
Internal and external engine modifications, exhaust components, transmission parts, axels, and differentials.
Suspension parts, wheels, tires, chassis braces, and brakes.
Body kits, lights, spoilers, and stickers.
Seats, gauges, audio, and fuzzy dice.
New Articles:
  • Putting Mustang Wheels on your Maxima
  • Control Arm Bushing Replacement
  • Knock Sensor FAQ & Replacement
  • An introduction to the VE30DE Engine Control System Part 1 - Individual Components
  • An introduction to the VE30DE Engine Control System Part 2 - Systems
  • How to install an Addco RSB
  • Underdrive Pulley Install (and changing drive belts)
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